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There are several benefits to using a point-of-sale (POS) system in an arts & crafts shop. Some of the most common advantages include the ability to track inventory more accurately, a speedier checkout process, better management of employees, and access to better record keeping and reporting procedures.

Detailed sales reports can help you determine which of your products are the most profitable, resulting in smarter inventory purchases. Tracking your inventory means that you always have a clear picture of what sells and when. This allows you, for example, to adjust your staff coverage during busy sales periods and to create more effective product displays.

Customer satisfaction has as much to do with the shopping experience as with the products that they buy. A streamlined checkout process, including faster credit card authorizations, helps you and your customers save time. The ability to offer loyalty programs and rechargeable gift cards is yet another advantage of POS systems.

A third benefit of a POS system is better employee management. You can greatly reduce employee error, for instance, that can be caused by using a separate cash register and credit card terminal. In addition, time-stamped reports can pinpoint specific information tied to employee sales.

A POS system can help you track certain promotions and analyze their impact on overall profits. Many systems can also generate automated reports, eliminating unnecessary paperwork when performing payroll and accounting procedures.

In the end, these advantages can help an arts & crafts store significantly reduce its expenses and increase profits.

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The Dashboard gives you a real-time, at-a-glance look at important information like monthly sales data, top suppliers, best selling items, and who your loyal customers are.

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