The iPhone point-of-sale app for retailers

"Cashier Live has automated and streamlined my business so I can connect better with my customers. Something that would have taken me hours to do now only takes a click of a button."

Randee Lee

Owner – Guitar Toyz


Scan Barcodes

Use the camera or Linea-Pro device to scan your product's barcodes. This makes it easy to ring up sales & manage inventory.

Take Payments

Cashier lets you take any form of payment you accept like cash, checks, credit cards, and more. Taking credit card payments requires the use of one of our card processing partners.

Manage Inventory

Scan an item's barcode, enter a description, price, department, and quantity on hand. We help you track it from there.

Email Receipts

Not only do email receipts reduce waste, they are also preferred by many shoppers. Use the latest technology to delight your customers.

Track Customers

Create customer accounts with information like their name, birthdate, and email address. You can use this to email receipts, send promotions, or track sales history via our online app.

Run Reports

The Cashier app integrates seamlessly with its companion online app, Cashier Live. Log into Cashier Live to run any of the comprehensive reports you need.

Online Access

With Cashier & Cashier Live you'll never be without your point-of-sale. Now you can sell anywhere, any time & access reports and more while on the go.

Integrated Services

We've integrated with a number of complementary services that come standard with all accounts. Some examples are Quickbooks accounting integration and local inventory marketing via Milo. (More on the way!)

Much more...

Cashier is the only app for the iPhone that is dedicated to helping retailers operate their business. We offer even more features like cash management, gift receipts, and more. Install it today to see how it can work for your store.