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One of a jewelry store's biggest challenges is keeping track of all the very small, very valuable items that are the essence of the store's inventory. Good jewelry store POS software not only not only tracks that inventory, it provides a wealth of information that the store can use for target marketing, employee management, and much more.

A good POS system integrates information about what's coming in the back door (inventory as it's received) with what's going out the front door (sales). The right jewelry POS software and hardware system not only will tell the store owner or manager what's in stock, but also will generate automatic re-order data based on changes in inventory.

It also helps evaluate how well employees are meeting sales goals. One way to motivate employees is to track their weekly or monthly sales and provide a reward for the best performing frontliners. A good POS system makes this simple by matching a employee's name or login code with sales receipts.

What else can you do with POS software? Our jewelry store POS software also contains reporting functions that can aid with marketing and promotions. By tracking customers' zip codes, the system can identify geographic areas that generate consistent sales. That's right, Cashier Live offers point of sale software for jewelry sales. A special Mother's Day or Christmas promotion targeted to that specific market segment can generate significant revenue.

Another twist on this theme is to run a report showing what each repeat customer purchased over the past couple years. Based on that information, the store can generate targeted e-mail sale flyers or individualized coupons to bring those customers back in the door.

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Keep track of your loyal customer base so you can offer them discounts and promotions.

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Use powerful reporting tools to help you make the right decisions for your business, and take some of the hassles out of accounting.

The Dashboard gives you a real-time, at-a-glance look at important information like monthly sales data, top suppliers, best selling items, and who your loyal customers are.

Great on-line training videos help your staff learn the system quickly.

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