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Affordable, easy to use point-of-sale software for Pet shops

Regardless of the size or the amount of inventory that is sold at your business, you’ll find many great benefits by utilizing pet store POS software from Cashier Live. We work with many pet stores, and you’ll start seeing the benefits of using our POS for your pet shop instantly.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Cashier Live offers a much better system for tracking and managing inventory for small business point of sale. You’ll be able to see inventory in real time reports and know exactly what items are in stock and which ones have sold.

You’ll see another big benefit when you use our staff management capabilities. Even for an pet store that only has a few employees, it is still important to track employee hours and earnings. Having this information in one central system is quite helpful, and can save you the expense of another time-clock system.

Finally, when you use use Cashier Live’s pet store POS software there will be a wide variety of reports and statistics available to your business. Inventory forecasting, revenue history and more can be done with our system.

Many pet stores and pet shops are reaping huge benefits from the diverse features of the Cashier Live point-of-sale system. Start a free POS software trial and give it a test run today. We also offer many POS packages for retail businesses.

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Easily add and manage your shop’s entire inventory.

Use Cashier Live’s data importer to instantly enter your products into inventory.

Complete sales quickly and easily with Cashier Live’s easy to use interface.

Keep track of your loyal customer base so you can offer them discounts and promotions.

Manage all of your categories so you can see what types of items are most popular.

Use powerful reporting tools to help you make the right decisions for your business, and take some of the hassles out of accounting.

The Dashboard gives you a real-time, at-a-glance look at important information like monthly sales data, top suppliers, best selling items, and who your loyal customers are.

Great on-line training videos help your staff learn the system quickly.

Get your POS software up and running quickly and at a very low cost.