Run Reports

"Cashier Live is easy to use, affordable, and has great customer service!"

Eva Chiou

Owner – Wedding Pantry


Comprehensive Reports

As you operate your store through Cashier Live, we're constantly saving and storing data that will be useful to you later. To sort through it all, our comprehensive reporting system allows you to pull out any of the information you need. So if you're looking for specific information, chances are there's a report for that.

Simplified accounting

Are you tired of dreading tax season? Our reporting tools allow you to account for sales, returns, tax collected, and more. Combine these with your end-of-day reports and you’ll have everything you need to simplify your store’s accounting. Worry less with Cashier Live.

  • Export your Data

  • Many software services that have your data make it difficult to export. Not us. We give you access to reports that allow you to completely export all of your store's customers, transactions, and inventory. You can take it and do with it as you wish, it is yours after all.
  • Dashboard View

  • By combining your cost and pricing information with actual sales data, we can give you a quick look at how profitable your store is. What was once a difficult, manual task is now something that just takes a second. And it doesn't stop at profitability, our reporting technology can show you almost anything about your store.
  • Reporting Examples

  • With Cashier Live you’re getting over 25 reports that show a variety of data. Here’s a few examples of popular reports:
  • – Item Sales Report by Units
  • – Department and Category Sales
  • – Sales Tax Report
  • – Open Drawer Report
  • – Employee Time Report