Store Management

"I went with Cashier Live because of the low entry cost, and then loved its ease of use. I highly recommend it."

Steve Chastain

Owner – Family Drug


Manage from anywhere

One thing you'll get with Cashier Live that you can't get anywhere else is complete access to all of our retail management tools away from the store. Maybe you want to take off early and let your cashiers handle closing, or maybe you're on the beach. Being able to access Cashier Live from anywhere gives you peace of mind.

Analyze Sales History

Want to see how many sales you had today, yesterday, last week, or even last year? Want to see which cashier rang up Mrs. Jones' purchase on Tuesday? No problem. Our "Transactions" tab gives you access to all of your store's sales ever since you started using the system. Use our search options, and all of this data is at your fingertips.

Track item quantities

Managing your store's inventory is hard. It's always coming in and going out, and it can be tough to keep track of it all. But when you use Cashier Live we take care of it. Our simple import tools bring your inventory into the system, and we track it based on sales and returns from there.

  • Create purchase orders

  • Walking the floor and taking notes on what you need to order, then re-entering it again to place the order. That can be time consuming, but with Cashier Live it's a thing of the past. With options to create PO's based on what you've sold or with re-stock levels, you'll be able to order the inventory you need faster than ever.
  • Cashier time clock

  • Our integrated time clock will help you when payroll time comes around. Your cashiers will log in when they start their shift, then log out when they leave for the day. From there you’ll be able to run a report showing how many hours your employee’s worked.
  • Cashier management

  • You might be using a number of systems to keep track of your employees (or you could just be flying by the seat of your pants). By pairing an employee time-clock with cashier-level transaction reports, we give you a comprehensive look at how your cashiers are performing.