Top 5 Challenges of Owning a Beauty Salon

Owning any sort of small business in a struggling economy is difficult. But when your passion is beauty and hair care, why not follow it while being able to make a living doing something you love. Sure, getting off the ground is a hassle, but once that initial investment goes through you're off and running. So, what are the biggest challenges faced when running your very own salon?

1. Fees
The fees incurred when maintaining any type of small business add up as weeks and months progress. Maintaining chairs is sometimes the hardest, depending on what type of salon you're running. If you have that bare-bones minimalist kind of establishment, getting away with low cost smaller chairs is a synch. But many hair and beauty salons go for state of the art equipment. The more lavish and adjustable your hairs, the more it will cost. Everything depends on decor, and the clients you're trying to attract. Offering up products to sell is also an expense, but one that you're quickly reimbursed on. Using Point of Sale beauty salon software will help keep track of items such as hair care products.

2. Employee Incentives
If a hair dresser or salon employee believes they will be taken care of by your establishment, they will feel inclined to stay with you through good times as well as bad. Consider offering incentives, such as bonuses or even health insurance. The right POS software for beauty salons can help you keep track of who contributed what to the salon.

3. Schedules
Flexible scheduling is another employee incentive that lets beauticians feel more in control of their environment. It can also let them build a greater following, letting return customers come in when they're available. Scheduling shows your employees that you care about their needs. Point of Sale software for beauty salons allows you to keep both customer and employee incentives in line with the click of a mouse.

4. Regular Customers Vs. Walk-ins
Speaking of customers - there are two kinds who will typically come into your salon: return and walk-ins. The majority of your business may rely on return business; those who come in and see the same beautician every few weeks or months. Having discounts for returns is a great way to show how you love anyone who gives the salon repeat business. Walk-ins should always be welcomed too. Display prices at the front desk or near an entrance, along with promotions. This will help attract new business. POS software for beauty salons makes keeping records of discounts and promotions extremely simple.

5. Staying Competitive
Above all else beauty salons, just like many other small businesses, have to stay hip. Teach your beauticians the latest in haircare design and product information. Offering different services (haircuts, dying, nails, etc.) will appeal to a variety of potential customers.